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Why SEO is essential for small businesses

Nowadays, there are many examples of small businesses that find it very difficult to compete with bigger brands. For many of these businesses, improving their online presence seems to be as easy as creating a new website. Unfortunately, this alone is not enough for success to come.

SEO = Key

For many years Google, Bing and other search engines have improved their website ranking algorithms. It used to be that just including the required keyword was enough to be included in the search results pages. But now search engines have evolved and become much more "intelligent". As a result, businesses now have to deal with a number of factors to see a better position in search results.

A better position will make all the difference in increasing organic traffic to the website, which in turn will bring increase in sales.

SEO is greatly influenced by the content and structure of your website. Search engines are constantly on the lookout for new and unique content that can capture the audience's interest. On the contrary, copying topics and texts will hardly help you.

Another very important factor to succeed in search engine optimization is minimizing the bounce rate. The lower you keep this percentage, the better! Two ways we can help in this direction are:

• Easy to use website and easy to navigate in it. Trust us! The visitor who gets lost in browsing it will most likely leave.

• Interesting and rich content, such that will "magnetize" the visitor and keep him there. Showcase your uniqueness as a small business. Add your aesthetic to your website and you will soon see the audience's response.

Patience is gold

Unlike advertising strategies (e.g. Google Ads) that will bring quick results and visitors to your page with the corresponding cost, SEO is a combination of actions that does not cost anything, however it takes time and patience to bring the results. We recognize that it is a difficult and painstaking effort, but it is worth it!

Everything changes

One thing you should definitely keep in mind is that SEO strategies are constantly changing over time. Google, Bing and other search engines develop their algorithms on an ongoing basis. Which makes a lot of sense, since they for their part try to provide the maximum quality and accuracy in the search results they provide. SEO is not something you focus on once and then forget about. On the contrary, it needs training, experience and constant monitoring of changes and developments.

WEB Ocean has been faithfully following all developments in search engines for years and can apply all these tactics to your business in order to distinguish and better position. Fill out the Contact Form and you will receive a FREE QUOTE to take off your business SEO.

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