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Is a website enough on its own?

Many website owners take the "If you build it, they will come" attitude. They assume that since they have invested money to create a website, traffic will appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately, this is a very common but wrong view.

A website alone means nothing if you haven't planned a budget for marketing and advertising costs. A newly built website is unknown and invisible to the general public. Google and the rest of the search engines rank a new website in the lowest ranking positions, which practically no one will search for. Digital marketing comes to cover this gap.

Compare your website to a physical store that opens and just waits to be visited by customers without being advertised. Who knows the store is open? It's the same with your website. By itself it will bring no customers, and there will be no sales.

From then on it will be necessary to define a budget purely for this purpose. A campaign on Google could yield quick results with views of your website to people looking for services like the ones you offer.

Part of a Puzzle

The online world is like a puzzle, with a series of pieces that all work together. The common component of all these elements is your website. From there on, the rest of the elements are what will bring traffic to your website. Social media, SEO, Google ads, Social Media ads, newsletters are some of these elements that will attract visitors.

Solving the Puzzle

At WEB Ocean we know exactly how this puzzle can be solved! And we provide suggestions that are capable of making a difference. Fill out the contact form so we can send you a FREE QUOTE for the idea you want to implement.

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