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Types of Hosting and what to choose for my site

By the term Hosting, we mean the hosting of a website on a server. Server is a computer and can be in any country in the world. Its job is to be permanently up and online to show internet users what they want to see. That is why it is imperative to make a good choice as it is one of the main factors that affect the performance of your website.

Choosing the right hosting package for your website depends on three factors:

• Requirements you have (eg a server that is 100% uptime or that is very fast),

• Expected traffic to your website and

• Available budget

There are the following types of Hosting:

Shared Hosting

If you're just starting out with a new website that you're not running for business and you're looking for affordable hosting, this is the option for you. Your website is stored on the same server as many others. Everyone involved has access to the same resources, such as computing power, processing speeds, RAM, etc.

Even though this is a simple and economical solution, hosting on a shared server can bring some problems. The security of your own website also depends on the security levels of the other sites located on the same server. Also, if the server is resource-constrained, an increase in traffic may cause problems for your visitor's experience. This is why it is mainly suitable for amateur sites with low traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

 If you own a large website and want to be in full control, this is the choice to make. With Dedicated Hosting you have a server exclusively yours. You have full root access and can control everything about its operation.

This is one of the more expensive options when it comes to hosting, and is usually reserved for sites with very high traffic. The biggest advantage is the complete control of the server by you. However, installing and managing such servers requires you to have the necessary technical knowledge.

VPS Hosting

An intermediate solution, in relation to the two above, is VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server). If your requirements are too high for a Shared Hosting package, and you want more flexibility and features without being able to afford a Dedicated Server, then there is the solution of VPS, which is a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It's still hosted on a shared server, but each domain is hosted on its own private space. It is also a very good choice for advanced users who want the benefits of a Dedicated Server, but do not have the technical expertise to manage it.

Cloud Hosting

This is the most popular kind of hosting since the word "Cloud" nowadays.. sells itself. If you are a website owner who develops very quickly and needs scalability in resources, Cloud hosting is best for you.

It involves multiple computers running your applications together, using a combined processing power. This means you can increase and decrease your resources as and when you need them and pay for exactly what you need. It is a flexible solution and since it runs on multiple servers, the downtime if one of them experiences a malfunction is very little.

Managed Hosting

This is the most common hosting model for your website. With this, the hosting provider takes care of all the technical part for whatever type of hosting you choose. Technical services such as software and hardware setup, configuration and management, replacements, patches and security updates, technical support and proper operation monitoring are no longer a headache for you as they are taken care of by your hosting provider .

Colocation Hosting

This is a more expensive option, but gives you power. You host your equipment in other data centers that provide you with storage space, bandwidth, IP address, even cooling and other equipment that your server will need. The size of the space you choose to rent will determine the cost of your hosting.

Finally, there is the possibility to build your own server at your place, with a big question mark about the efficiency, since you will need very high speed and bandwidth. In this case you take care of all your devices yourself, including hardware, software, services, as well as maintenance, upgrades, etc., which obviously requires extensive technical knowledge.

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